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Personal Training

Training with Manu

We should all have confidence in or body, both in the way it looks and in what it is capable of.
It’s the only place you have to live in, so make it as comfortable as possible.

Changing your body isn’t just about looking good, it’s more about feeling good and confident, everyday and everywhere.

You might have suffered an injury, gained weight our maybe you’ve been very busy last couple of years and taking care of your body wasn’t really a priority.

Changing your body isn’t easy, but I am here to help you.
Together we’ll build a stronger, healthier body and mind in which you feel confident.
It will take some time, changes and sacrifices. but once you start to see results it will become an addiction.

Together we’ll build a healthy mind, body and lifestyle.

Individual Coaching

(1 – on – 1)

The ideal investment in your own health!

Do you want to train and make progress in an efficient way, but you don’t know how to approach this yourself?

Or maybe you’ve been going to the gym for several years but have never achieved your desired results?

If you want to build a healthy lifestyle and the right mindset, I can guide you in this. In a scientifically substantiated way I help you during training so that you can achieve your personal goals and desired results in a healthy way.

Group Coaching

(2-4 People)

Would you like to train together with your partner, friends or colleagues? It’s possible! In a small group training, you can train with up to 4 people. Training and having fun go hand in hand. You train together in an effective way and everyone receives the necessary guidance to make progress in a healthy way.





Personal Training