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Nutrition with Manu

Abs are made in the kitchen!

A well-known statement that is short and sweet but does say what it stands for.

Training and nutrition are inseparable from each other. If you train 6 days a week but don’t eat well, you may even be breaking down your own body. Maybe you have a six pack but it is still hidden under that layer of fat. Then more crunches will not help you, correct nutrition will. I calculate the necessary energy needs and macronutrients for you.

Together we will look for a healthy and consistent diet that suits you.

Healthy food can be tasty and variable and you don’t have to miss out on everything for this. do you want to know more about how to balance your health and nutrition

Tools for your nutrition goals 


I will teach you how to eat healthy, control your food and keep consistency, without missing out on your favorites. 


I will help you navigate how to track and improve your eating habits.

Stay motivated

I will support you along the way to keep you on track so you achieve your desired results.